Breathe Partners is creating a healthier world physically and spiritually by caring for the young, the lost and the poor. We are committed to sustainable solutions, equipping others to better themselves.


Committed to accountable solutions that collaborate with organizations that are equally committed to equipping others to better themselves.


Purposeful about being present with people both physically and spiritually or they will never feel God’s love.

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Focusing on the now generation and diverse generation through in the field, hands on missional training and relational community.


Training leaders on the ground to reach the lost among their own peers and in their own context for sustainable solutions.

The Breathe Campaign


Breathe Partners has a few current, very significant needs. We are so thankful that God has provided a wonderful setting for us to do ministry in Haiti. We call that place the Sant Mouvman (in Creole) or the Center of Movement.

As the movement continues to advance in Coatesville, PA where our corporate offices are headquarted, we’re excited to be incorporating a new Center of Movement there – The Breathe Center with the purchase of a building.

We exist because of the sacrifice and generosity of God’s people and we thank you for that! We are trusting God to do the HIMpossible once again through this capital campaign. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

We have learned that God plants on people’s hearts a plan and so far, so many have been beyond gracious and generous in their giving. We need your help. Will you continue breathing life and hope with us by investing in the future?

Our Work Globally


In a third world country like Haiti, good nutrition, safe water, and healthy hygiene are harder to come by. It’s not a matter of selecting the right foods at the supermarket or turning on your tap water. Children in Haiti are born into some of the harshest conditions on the planet and are left at a disadvantage in terms of growth, development, and potential to thrive.

Through developing the naturally grown, miracle tree, Moringa, Breathe Partners is distributing, natural, amazing nutrition to adults and children. It’s all the nutrition a body needs to thrive.

Through Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene initiatives, Breathe Partners is able to help provide good sanitation solutions that limit air borne illnesses and give dignity to people.


Missions trips can take many forms and look vastly different. The people of Haiti are used to North Americans coming for a week at a time to “fix” problems, build building and give hand outs.

We prefer to give a hand up rather than a hand out. It’s through understanding the Haitian soil and how this culture works that we’ve established long term partnerships with churches and people on the ground.

We want your time in Haiti to be a lasting one in which your mark is not gone within the week, but stays on in the continued friendships, church plants, and how God is moving in and among His people.

We want your trip to be holistic and sustainable so we can equip Haitians to reach Haitians for the cause of Christ while also allowing for you to have a hands-on, amazing trip!


At our core, Breathe Partners is a church planting movement. We want to set the church up to win – both the Haitian church and the North American church where our partners come from.

Breathe Partners provides regular training for pastors and leaders in Haiti through ISJ (International School of Justice) Bible Institute so we can see Haitians reaching their peers, building a holistic and sustainable model.

We also want to train and equip the NOW generation to be reaching people for Jesus. As such, we offer Compassion Corp Programs that offer intensive on the ground training for high school students and graduates. Participants are immersed in the Haitian culture for a longer period, giving them an amazing experience to grow dynamically and learn how to extend their reach in share their faith while caring for people physically and intentionally.


Because Breathe Partners is a church planting movement, we encourage long term investment in churches in Haiti and in Coatesville, PA through partnership.

If we can holistically understand the Haitian soil and give both physically and spiritually, we can help provide sustainable solutions in which we see Haitians bettering themselves.

Breathe Partners now has 14 active church plants in Haiti and 9 active partners with long standing investments.

Through our Child Sponsorship program we create an avenue for sponsors to give Haitian children support towards education, spiritual development, nutrition, safe water, and investment.


There are many medical needs in Haiti and not many quick answers to help. Common medicines and solutions are not readily available.

Through medical teams that contribute their time and resources to the people of Haiti, Breathe Partners is able to offer Health and Hope for Haiti in which people are able to attend local medical and dental clinics to aid in simple remedies and solutions.

Through the clinics our teams are introduced to a lot of people and we get to pray for them and invite them to the local church. The clinic is partnered with the church in that area so while we caring for the physical need can lead to caring for the spiritual need.


The future is looking bright. Breathe Partners is a new collaborative organization committed to working together with the city, the community, and the organizations and churches that make up the great city of Coatesville. We are committed to a “now” (young) and “diverse” generation.

If a child cannot read by the 3rd grade, their chances of personal success within community statistically becomes exponentially lessened. The chance of not graduating, being incarcerated, encountering teenage pregnancy and even death increase.

Transitional years are the most difficult years for adolescence. The people we choose to “hang with” determine the trajectory of our lives and the decisions we make at each new turn in our lives determine our destiny.

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