The Bible never says to plant churches. The mission of Jesus IS the Church. We are the Church. Our responsibility is to plant Jesus in the soil, water it and watch our Heavenly Father GROW it! The command is not to plant churches but to MAKE DISCIPLES who MAKE DISCIPLES!

My heart was on FIRE as the Lord allowed me to experience some fruit for my labor. Fatal (pronounced Fa-tall) is our TapTap (truck/taxi) driver. I have spent many hours cultivating a relationship with this amazing man! On the last day of a church trip, we were heading to the Ocean. I said to our National Director Pastor Pierre, pray for me today….”I am going to lead Fatal to Jesus today.” The Lord heard our prayer and I had the opportunity to lead Fatal into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Over the next 2 months I would speak into his life. He is now planning to marry the mother of his son and he is working on obedience. I said to him, “You know Fatal that the first thing Jesus asks us to do is to be baptized.” I explained baptism to him. In February on another trip to the Ocean, I was able to baptize Fatal, my first Haitian son/brother!

On that same day, Wesley was with our team. Wesley is our main Haitian guy who is very skilled in Masonry. We were sitting on

Fatal's Baptism

the rocks overlooking the Ocean and I said, Wesley, we have talked many times. I know you don’t think God would have you because of some of your past, but I want you to know that you are not understanding God’s love for you, His love is unconditional. He wants to be your Father and He can be your personal Savior. Would you like me to walk you through that process? He said, YES! Wesley is now a believer and I plan to soon baptize him in the beautiful Caribbean.

Dan's First Son/Brother in Haiti

There is a MOVEMENT of God in Haiti. God is using CPR-3. Your presence, prayer and financial support is making an amazing difference. Thanks for investing…ONE disciple at a time!