Many have asked what they can do and when and where they can go to assist in the aftermath of the tornadoes.   CPR-3’s  focus will be on the devastation specifically in Kentucky.

Although it is everyone’s desire to GO and be there SOON.   In this case it was probably good to wait.    I will be traveling to Kentucky early next week to meet with the major players on the ground and line up serving opportunities.

Please follow my site and blog to know how you can best serve.   We are grateful for your heart and passion for those whose lives were altered because of these natural catastrophes.

Please be patient, our greatest assistance will be in the re-development of these areas.

For now.   Pray.   For now….GIVE.   We can use your donations to allow us to help with the people on the ground.   Without your generosity we are unable to do all that we hope to do, to come along side these dear people and their families.    to donate now.

Thank you for your prayers and love and trust in CPR-3.