Tension is not so bad.   Semantics are not so bad.   Ideas and Words challenge our thinking and therefore our MOVEMENT.    When one person’s, or one church’s, or one organization’s ideas or words become isolated or are looked at as superior and when we cease to work in unity with others under the umbrella of Christ and His Church, we lose the greatest opportunity that the Body of Christ offers.

There is no government agency big enough or bad enough to effectively handle the world’s greatest struggles.   There is no NGO big enough or bad enough to attack the world’s injustice.   But, there is ONE entity, ordained by God Himself that has been commissioned to go into all the world and first preach the good news to the poor and then to all nations.  The CHURCH is the Hope of the World when it is working right.

Do we really need 10,000 mission agencies in Haiti?  CPR-3 resists the semantics of being labeled as a Mission or a Ministry.  We like to consider ourselves a “MOVEMENT OF GOD.”   That only happens we when decentralize or let go of ‘normal’ controls and give God the mantle of leadership.  No need for another Silo.  We need the church to Rise Up!

Within the Church lies all that God needs to accomplish the Great Commission.   Great servants, Great leaders.   Skilled people.   Resources: Materials and Capital.

I look forward to the best days ahead of us when the Church will rise up and be the Church.   Culture will be Changed.   Nations will be Changed.

Let us all consider giving up or maybe even blowing up the personal silo’s we have built undoubtedly with good intentions and come along side of the great Movement’s of God in this day.   Together we can make a difference!