CPR-3 is glad to report that the people in our sphere of ministry are doing well.  No real damage to any physical dwellings.

There is ONE significant NEED:  Our Medical Clinic through Miss Pierre along with Dr. Fritz reported they were on the road caring for people and had to evacuate their vehicle and all their medicine.   There was a flash flood as you would suspect.

I am unaware at this point of the total damage, but we may need to help replace the entire vehicle and certainly all the medicine.

Your gracious donation to help the people of Haiti due to Isaac and the ongoing physical care through our medical clinic is greatly appreciated.

You can send donations directly to CPR-3 at 51 Reason Lane, Coatesville, PA, 19320

OR you can use the paypal link on the CPR-3 site for a faster result.   www.cpr-3.com

Thank You for your continued Prayers!