Today is the day to pray.  10.10.   We are praying for God’s Favor as we attempt to Eradicate Malnutrition in Haiti.  Only God can move mountains, but FAITH and PRAYER move God.   Join us today in the Moringa Movement.

My heart has been so burdened to PRAY.  I am so prone to structure and to plan and to put strategy into play…that is my normal default.

Father, forgive me for taking the mundane and the serious into my own hands, when your hands are far more capable.

CPR-3 has been given an opportunity in Haiti….an opportunity that is ENORMOUS.   We have the lead role in what could ERADICATE MALNUTRITION in Haiti and in the whole world.

Haiti this past year broke the 10 million people barrier.   In 10 days it will be October 10.   10.10

Will you join me on that day to PRAY.   To seriously pray that God will use His Church in the ‘movement’ of Eradicating Malnutrition from this planet.

Attached is a flyer to help you pray through 10 important items.   You can fast and pray all day or perhaps at 10:10 am and 10:10 pm.   I believe that when God’s people come together in ONE accord and pray in His name that there is great power.

I look forward to what God is going to do!

I appreciate you all so much.   Thanks for standing in the gap and praying with me for this most worthy cause!