I am never stunned by the Church and the Faith Based Community.   In the face of a crisis, God’s people rise and stand tall in volunteerism and giving.

As SANDY has now hit our shores there will be loss of life, loss of resources and much recovery. CPR-3 is serving along side of the American Red Cross, and will assess the damages in the Northeast and will be sure to make the Body of Christ aware of the opportunities to service.

Right now there will be an enormous amount of clean up and effort to get people back on the road.   You can make a difference by clicking here www.cpr-3.com/give/  to make a donation to the efforts CPR-3 will put in place to assist the thousands of people displaced and those whose lives have been turned upside down.   You can find the GIVE link on the www.cpr-3.com GIVE page.

Thank you for your generosity and please stay in touch as to potential deployment.

Blessings and Prayers of Safety for all those weathering this ‘storm’ of life.

Dan O’Deens,

Executive Director, CPR-3