CAN WE HELP?  CPR-3 is glad to partner with FFEA in assisting in the Recovery Process for people in Staten Island and NYC.

Dan O’Deens spoke with Jason Rising:  “Hurricane Sandy is over and now the clean up has begun.  As many of you know, the coast was slammed and the pictures do not show the needs that are there.  I responded to the need for help yesterday (Tuesday October 30th ) with 3 generators and 3 water pumps. We went out to help one of the FFEA network churches Oasis Christian Center as they begin the long process of restoration.  I had no idea what to expect and I was overwhelmed with the need.  We emptied out the church basement that was filled with at least 7 feet of water.  We emptied the church parsonage basement and looking over the destruction of tables, chairs, supplies and so on was crazy.  The church basement is not a storage area but is where they have their kids ministries, church cafe, the youth pastors office and restrooms for the building.  This is an important area to the life of the church.

The church is in a tight knit community and they were hit hard.  There is debris everywhere and the water still has not receded in certain parts.  There were church people still trapped in their homes and the Coast Guard was on the scene with boats pulling out cars and going door to door.  The Media coverage does not show all of whats going on.  Most coverage and relief is going to other areas such as Queens and Manhattan.  Staten Island needs immediate assistance and as the waters are receding we are gathering supplies now to go back tomorrow.

Here is what you can do….

Tomorrow morning, I am going back with a crew to being to work in three ways.

We will be:

  • Setting up a tent to serve hot food to the community.
  • We will have a crew going door to door in the community pumping out basements.
  • We will begin to clean out the church basement, parsonage basement, and church property.

They need supplies now so you can donate today to help us make purchases from the following list:

List Of Immediate Needs:

  • Batteries
  • Candles
  • Water
  • Food (Microwave Meals)
  • Gas

Clean Up Supplies:

  • Gloves
  • Trash Bags
  • Shovels
  • Rakes

Hot Food For Community:

  • Hot Dogs
  • Soup
  • Chips
  • Drinks

After we meet this immediate need, we will be organizing a team to go back to rebuild the church basement.  The church does not have a mortgage and because of that they do not have flood insurance.  The rebuild will rest entirely on them.  The church is looking into what may be available to them through FEMA, but we know that it will not cover everything.  We will be organizing teams to go back and rebuild the church basement and help others rebuild.  More information will be coming about that effort as we map out the exact needs.”

IF YOU CAN HELP, Please submit any funds to CPR-3  51 Reason Lane, Coatesville, PA  19320 or go to our web page and click on the DONATE button.   Your gracious donations will be used to help with the efforts that FFEA is providing ON THE GROUND.    Please mark your gift “SANDY”

IF you have crews that are ready to deploy, you can contact DANO directly at