CPR-3 has been working tirelessly to come along side the people who lost so much in Hurricane Sandy.   There is still a need for financial contribution and you can do that through our website at www.cpr-3.com

The greatest need in the areas hit the hardest is ‘clean up.’  CREWS are needed.  CPR-3 can help you.  We have secured partnership and will work with Oasis Christian Center.  They will be able to house you and have secured a temporary shower facility.   Come with Cleaning supplies, shovels, pumps to get rid of standing water.

Crews are also needed for food distribution, sorting and packing.   CPR-3 and Fellowship Missions have secured 2 semi tractor trailors with over $100,000 worth of food and cleaning supplies.

You can deploy NOW or join a mass care initiative starting on November 9-11.

CPR-3 Disaster eMERGEncy Services

Partnering with Local Churches serving their communities:  Working with communities, agencies, business and people who seek to DO JUSTICE.

CPR-3 specializes in meeting critical needs for victims of disaster.  We match resources to needs, personnel to situations, capabilities to opportunities. We serve by merging ministry partners together who are already on the scene of a crisis.


Meals Prepared

Chainsaw/Excavation/Debris Removal Jobs

Showers and Laundry Trailers

Distribution Centers (food, cleaning, etc. supplies)

Church Buildings Restored or Rebuilt

We provide relief to anyone who needs it and we provide training to everyone who wants it, only limited by the resources that God provides.  CPR-3 Disaster eMERGEncy Services exists to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and like Jesus we have no prejudice towards any person regardless of age, race, religion or social status. CPR-3 serves both sides of the RED cross – caring for people’s physical and spiritual needs.

We will coordinate relief efforts with the local Church and with existing first response organizations on the ground.  Team is important and CPR-3 will do all that it can to MERGE the collective efforts of both church and community to come along side the local community.  We provide the chance for you to become a volunteer, make a donation or send needed supplies.

Our mission is to empower the local Church to provide disaster relief and train volunteers.   We do not discriminate against someone needing help or someone wanting to provide help.   Please contact us if you would like sign to serve in disaster relief.   www.cpr-3.com

It is our desire to bring glory to Christ through compassion ministries. The Church should be known for its love for people as it demonstrates the love of God in practical ways, both physically and spiritually.

When a community experiences a disaster and is seeking help, CPR-3 will provide relief on behalf of the local Church in local communities.  The local Churches of any community has valuable knowledge and relationship. The local Church is the one organization guaranteed to be there before a disaster and will remain there long after first and second wave ‘emergency responders’ leave.    CPR-3 Disaster eMERGEncy Services empowers the local Church to lead in the face of disaster.  Churches often become shelters, meal providers, water stations, collection warehouses for supplies and offer mental and spiritual assistance for those who are seeking.   The Church is the Hope of the World, When It Is Working As God Intends!  Be the CHURCH!