Thank you for your continued prayers and financial contributions.  The people of NYC an NJ need them desperately.

This disaster in many ways is more devastating than even Katrina.   Now we add yet another complication:  COLD Weather.   Wet, no electricity and COLD!

Blankets, and Winter Hats, Gloves and Coats are needed too!

CPR-3 and Fellowship Missions have secured at least 2 Semi Tractor trailers that are on the road.  This is “NOT” Convoy of Hope, although we will stage and partner together with them, since they are more capable to handle the distribution logistics and staging of SEMI trailors.

Convoy of Hope was very grateful for this contribution.  Thanks to Midwest Food Bank in Indianapolis, INDIANA.

As for Teams:  We ARE on the Ground.  We are able to get you lodging.  It WILL be safe BUT primitive.  You should come to be self-sufficient so as not to be a burden on the people who have huge needs.   Bring warm clothes, and bring enough food to take care of yourselves.   (it is probable that we will feed you, but you should have a plan B).

CPR-3 is working primarily in the NJ Bayonne  and Lakewood Township area and on Staten Island.  Working with Oasis Christan Center (Pastor Tim McIntyre) and a growing network of Churches and also Calvary Lighthouse (Pastor Wes Linquist).

Food and supply distribution is probable and damage clean up is absolute.   SO much work to be done here.

Teams are welcome NOW.   We will do a mass care project on November 8, 9, 10, 11th.

Thank you to Jason Rising who will be organizing the majority of the teams arriving on site.

I know there is such a BIG ‘ask’ for money from many organizations, but CPR-3 really can use your help as we seek to continue helping these needy families.  We are an organization that you can trust and these donations will go DIRECTLY to the people affected by this disaster.


Once you organize a team, please email us with the following information:

Leader Contact Infor:  (cell and email)

Number of People Coming:  (break down of men/women

When you plan to arrive and depart

What you are bringing

What special skills or equipment you might be bringing.