I am overwhelmed with the response.   Thank you to the churches that have stepped up with people and resource.   I love that we will go ‘deeper’ rather than ‘wider’ in targeting Staten Island.

I spent the morning and will meet again tonight with the pastors from Oasis.

Please expect and prepare for the worse and HOPE for the best!   We need warehousing for sure.


1.  NOTE that Gas is only given by odd or even license plate numbers in NJ/NYC.  Fill up before you get here.

2.  Bring WARM clothes and Gloves (lots of them) and Waterproof shoes

3.  I will let each church know their location later tomorrow or early Wednesday.  We will all stay in Midland Beach in Staten Island.

4.  At this point there is still no electricity and does not look like there will be any soon.

5.  There is another storm coming on Wednesday, I will keep everyone posted.

6.  Bring Wrecking Bars, Claw Hammers and Tools to rip out drywall.   Big Black Garbage Bags

7.  Anything to DISINFECT.  Bleach and Sprayers

8.  For those wanting to do street distribution with Convoy of Hope and CPR-3/Fellowship Mission, please understand we may not be able to accomodate everyone on this.

9.  Be ready to be flexible.

Please make sure you have contacted us before just coming.   For those who have contacted CPR-3, we are ready for you.