So encouraged. Late last night I had the joy of attending a meeting with most of the pastors from Staten Island along with some of the agencies trying to come along side of this catastrophe. The Island has been sectioned and assigned to Pastors and the agencies are using the CHURCH to permeate the Islands needs. AMAZING. God’s Church rises and leads!

This will be a long term need.  I am praying that churches will come along side of churches to help them and their people get back on their feet.   As we rip out drywall we will have to wait until the humidity meters read less than 20% before we can start hanging new drywall.

Still in the clean out and tear out and disinfection stage.  Still distributing needed items to the families here in the city.

Please NO MORE ‘used’ clothes.   IF new clothes are being brought you should check with us first before bringing them to us.   Groups coming this week that have teams, you are fine with whatever you have collected.   We will use you to sort and inventory and assess future needs.

Praying for Warehouse space.

CPR-3 appreciates how the church has risen!   You Rock because you stand on the ROCK who is good even in the midst of crisis.   The pastors in this town are giving God glory through it all.   The people are grateful for the LOVE being shown.