DEEPER not WIDER.  As Any Stanley has stated, “Do for ONE what you wish you could do for EVERYONE.”  CPR-3 is blessed to watch God weave his tapestry together, aligning his church to come together for a greater cause.   We arrrived and knew no one, today we stand together as ONE in kindred spirits with unified hearts, ready to care for peoples physical and spiritual needs.

We are thankful for the 8 churches and 150 volunteers who have showed up on site to work hard in extremely difficult situations.   The gift of LOVE is by far the greatest gift!   CPR-3’s Disaster eMERGency Services is SO proud of how the Church has risen and how it cares for people both sides of the ‘RED’ cross.   …Physical and Spiritual.

Easier, Better and Certainly MORE PRACTICAL. As we are a week removed from the Disaster of Hurricane Sandy, the people and churches have been overwhelmed and are extremely grateful for the donation of clothes and other supplies. Although there may still be a future need, the best way at this point that you can bless this effort, is by collecting Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowes Gift Cards. This way people can get exactly what they need. If you desire to make cash donations, those monies will go to the Oasis Church to use at their discretion for their people and for their communities. CPR-3 is committed to good stewardship and best practice principles.

So encouraged. Late last night I had the joy of attending a meeting with most of the pastors from Staten Island along with some of the agencies trying to come along side of this catastrophe. The Island has been sectioned and assigned to Pastors and the agencies are using the CHURCH to permeate the Islands needs. AMAZING. God’s Church rises and leads!