CPR-3 came along side of Pastor Tim McIntyre and the Oasis Christian Center in Midland Beach, Staten Island.  Since the hurricane hundreds of homes have seen the love and presence of Christ.   Our teams have cleared soaking debris and ripped out tile, drywall and other household materials.   Cleaning supplies and clothes and food have been handed out to the community.

YESTERDAY, CPR-3 organized an event in partnership with Convoy of Hope an amazing colleague in ministry.   They are committed to the provision of food in extreme conditions.

CPR-3 hosted the event in a school in the Midland Beach area. There was 40,000 pounds of food distrubuted.  After a long HARSH week, one little boy in his classroom screamed out, “this is the best class ever.”   A great way to ‘BREATHE LIFE” (CPR-3) and HOPE into the world.