In any catastrophe there is the Chaos stage and then comes the Organized Chaos stage.  We are entering the organization stage.  These communities have been ravaged and their will be long term needs and assistance, but those needs change all the time.  Please follow the CPR-3 Disaster eMERGEncy Services link for important information.

We have made some SIGNIFICANT CHANGES:  There will be NO work organization by Oasis Christian Center on SUNDAY.   It “MAY” be possible to align projects for Sunday through them on the Saturday prior, but not guaranteed.   They need time to rest and attend to their families and needs.  CPR-3 trusts you understand this.  I know it is convenient to schedule over the weekend, but these folks are a lot more inconvenienced than we are.   Work will be scheduled Monday-Saturday.

All teams should NOW fill out the form on our web page under Disaster Services.  Click Volunteer Link and Submit.  IF you are bringing a team, I MUST know the number of people you will be bringing and contact information.   Please do NOT schedule a trip without filling this form out.

Volunteer Link.   If the link does not work, please cut and past URL into browser:

FORMS:  Please find helpful forms as to how to prepare and Donations still needed.   Please do not bring anything outside of the items on the Donation Need list.

THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS:  We are NOT sure what we will be doing on Thanksgiving Day.   The community is inundated with Thanksgiving Meals.  We are trying to be creative and trying to get a pulse on the communities need for that day.  Stay tuned in.