The RELIEF Phase is quickly coming to an end.  The ‘BLEEDING’ is stopping.   Staten Island is learning to ‘WAIT” and that is not easy.   Wait on what?  On Insurance Money.  On FEMA Money.  On the shell of their homes to dry after our teams have gutted them to the original studs.

Our final teams for the RELIEF stage are in town for a strong finish to this phase.  90 people from Indiana, Ohio, PA, MD and NC.

We are now back to assessments.  Assessing and qualifying home owners for the NEXT phase of Rehabilitation and Rebuilding.

WHAT CAN YOU DO.  REST…Enjoy your families over the holiday.

GIVE YOUR GIFT AWAY.   This Christmas Give Your Gift Away to someone in Need.

PLAN:  Plan to engage again.   Churches and Small Groups can adopt a family and a project and help them rebuild.

CPR-3 will connect you to a home owner and you can build a relationship with a Staten Island Family and Come along side of them financially as well as providing the labor to get them back on their feet again.

THANKS to all who have come and helped.   Over 2,000 clean outs, 3 Semi Tractor Trailors of Food and Supplies and over 600 Volunteers!  Well done!