So thankful for a great 2012.  The rear view mirror is not a bad look, but I prefer the front view.   Love what I see ahead of us.   What I see before us in astounding.  I am really praying for and believing in the HIMpossilbe.   With God ALL things ARE possible.  Are you believing that?   Are you making goals and plans to accomplish BIG things for Kingdom cause?  If you aim at nothing you hit it every time!   Dream BIG in 2013!

You can be a part of something HUGE!   It has only been two years and the CPR-3 Mission House is near complete.   We had one large donation that allowed us to nearly finish the building.

We are asking God for $50,000.   That will allow us to complete everything and furnish everything.   This facility will house teams, be the Bible Institute and provide both physical and spiritual care for the good people of Haiti.

Will you consider a year end or new year donation.   We here at CPR-3 appreciate the generosity of our family and team.  Together we are better!

Blessings to you in 2013!