Today, January 12, 2013 marks the 3 year anniversary of an event that although was tragic, would turn the world’s eyes to the amazing people and country of Haiti.  Still today, Haiti is the world’s poorest country in the world…tomorrow holds a much brighter future.

This event would change the life of Dan O’Deens FOREVER!  CPR-3 was birthed and we are so amazed at the hand of God and His work through His people in this beloved country.

A special thanks to ALL of the individuals and churches who have supported us during this time frame.  We hope to continue to be good stewards with the resources that are entrusted to us.

Your sacrifice is making a difference.  Schools and Churches have been started.  Medical clinics have been equipped.  A Haitian staff of over 100 now is a reality.

The very real opportunity to eradicate malnutrition in Haiti is on the shoulders of CPR-3.   What a HUGE task the Lord has charged us with.    It is through the generous people with hearts full of compassion that make our work possible to service and care for people holistically on both sides of the RED cross….physically and spiritually.

Please PRAY for our friends in Haiti as many will be reminded of one of earth’s horrible realities…catastrophe.   If you are inclined to give we are ready to make that gift multiply as we invest it into the people of Haiti.

Thanks for your support!