God is doing wonderful things.   A while back Pastor Pierre Prinvil our Haitian Director, said to us, CPR-3 is not a mission…it is a movement of God.   We are finding that to be so true.   CPR-3 is YOU!   Please accept our sincere thanks for praying and supporting either in service or financially to the efforts of CPR-3.


1.  The ‘mission house’ project has been renamed.  It is now called in Creole, the “Sant Mouvman”.   The Center of Movement.   Please PRAY that we will be able to raise the rest of the funds and get the work finished by June 7.  This includes the main building and our guest house.  We are looking for donations for our WISH LIST of Contents to fill these buildings:  Bunk Beds, Mattresses, Kitchen Supplies, Washing Machines.  The ‘list’ is at the end of the letter.  We are also praying for a team to come and construct the Bunk Beds and Assemble whatever God provides.

2.  CPR-3 has signed documents from US Officials and Haitian Officials.   An April meeting has been scheduled for Dan to meet with the heads of the Department of Sociale and Plannification.   This will grant CPR-3 official NGO Not for Profit Status in Haiti.  Please pray for right of passage and that we can expedite the process into 3 days instead of 10.

3.  the MORINGA project is blowing us away.   The eradication of malnutrition in Haiti is in site.  It is so good to see God’s movement.  Please continue to pray or join the efforts!

4.  Scott and Jodi Feather have sold their home and our moving to PA to join our staff as the Senior Director of Operations.    Please pray for a smooth transition and that God will provide the perfect home for them.

5.   Our growing Staff:  We now have 4 families on the ground in Haiti and 2 more raising support.   Please pray with us as we get to re-write how we do Mission in this needy country.

6.  Our programs: We need your prayers.

What We Do: Holistic Care

  • Physical – Addresses a Cause
    • Child Sponsorship – Education
    • VIP/WaSH – Clean Water; Sanitation/Latrines and Hygiene
    • MORINGA – Eradicating Malnutrition
    • Medical  –  Reducing Child Immortality Rates – Caring for Orphans –
    •  HHH (Health and Hope for Haiti)
    • Spiritual – Adressess the Cross
      • Church 2 Church
        • MIG Concepts (Missional Incarnational Gateways)
        • Fight Club
        • Worship
        • Evangelism
  • International School of Justice
    • Compassion Corp – Internships
    • IBTH – Training Haitians for Ministry (Institute Biblique Transformation Haiti)
  • Trips
    • Ownership
    • Developing/Challenging Biblical Worldview

Thanks for your partnership!

Dan O


the LOFT:

  • 20 Chairs


  • 12  6 Plug Electric Stip Adaptors
  • 40 Single Matresses
  • 20 Sets of Bunk Beds
  • Wood for Cubicle Nooks for Team Luggage
  • 40 Pillows
  • 80 Single Sheet/Pillow Case Sets  (WHITE)
  • 80 Towels  (WHITE)


  • Technology
    • 1 apple TV
    • 2 Natcom Wireless Routers
    • 4 Wireless Thumb Drives
    • 2 MacBook Pro’s
    • 1 Laser Printer Good Quality
    • 1 Office Combo  (fax/scan’etc)
    • 2 Video Projectors
    • 1 Projection Screen
    • 1 8 Channel Sound System Amp/Mixer Combo w/ 2 mics
    • 1 50” Flat Screen TV
    • 70,000 Watt Generator
    • 20 Low Watt Ceiling Fans
    • BIG ROLLS of 3’ Wide SCREEN
    • 2 Washing Machines
    • 1 Large Refrigerator
    • 1 Large Deep Freezer
    • 1 Stainless Steel Double Deep Sink
    • 1 Kitchen Sink Faucet
    • 2 Tippy Tap Culligan Water Jug Stands
    • 7 Toilets / 7 Toilet Seats
    • 12 Toilet Paper Dispensers
    • 7 Bathroom Sinks
    • 7 Bathroom Faucets
    • 10 Shower Faucet/Spigots
    • 10 Towel Racks
    • 1 Ice Maker
    • 150 Chairs – Light Weight Plastic Folding Chairs
    • 15 6’ Light Weight Tables
    • 3 Desks / 3 Desk Chairs
    • 8 Dressers
    • 10 Plastic Storage Shelves 5 Shelves High
    • 2 Love Seats
    • 5 Double Beds and Mattresses
    • LIGHT BULBS:   Florescent Low Watt   LOTS
    • 1 Flip Chart/Story Board  PADS
    • 1 White Board
    • Pots and Pans
    • Mixing / Preparing Bowls
    • 50 Cafeteria Quality Place Settings: Plate, Bowl, Small Plate, Cup, Silverware
    • Utencils for Cooking / Serving
    • Tupperware Storage
    • Rubber Maid Large BINS
    • Saran Wrap/Foil/ ZipLoc Bags all sizes
    • 6 Big Drink Coolers

the YARD:

  • Rototiller
  • Old School Motorless Grass Blade Mower (roller type)
  • Bobcat with bucket and Tiller

*** Depending on the Collection of these items, we plan to send a Container over early APRIL.   What can we make happen?

We are praying for God to provide these items so that we can move into our CENTER for all the Summer Teams starting in May.   (JUNE 7 everything MUST be ready to Go)

OUTSIDE of the LIST.  CPR-3 is praying for an additional $30,000

  • $10,000         To ship the Container
  • $10,000         To finish the Sanitation
  • $10,000         To complete the Finish work on all buildings on our Campus/Center