People ask me all the time, How is Haiti?   What they mean is, after the Billions of dollars poured into the country following the earthquake, has any of this investment made a difference?

The answer is perspective.   An organization gives and reports a $1 million dollar gift to Haiti.   They charter a private jet, take over an expensive camera crew, stay in amazing accommodations, then repeat that process once again for ‘follow up.’  Their bill comes to $800,000.   The remaining $200,000 now gets into the potential hands of Haitians in need.     Haiti is blamed for corruption and misuse of funding.


To be sure, Haiti has struggled for decades with a corrupt government.   Haiti now has a ‘people’s president.’   The new president and prime minister are friends, they are working together for the good of their people.   The country has hope.

I now drive on paved roads that were not there before the earthquake.  The airport has improved remarkably.  Transformer’s and electricity are being added to villages often.   Jobs are being created.   Tent Cities are being taken down weekly and people are moving into communities and new homes.


Just ONE CPR-3 Story:  CANAAN…(former Obama Village).  After the earthquake, the USA chose a parcel to help develop.   The Haitians called it “OBAMA VILLAGE”.   This land was on a vacant mountainside near a quarry sitting as a neighbor to the mass grave that burried around 250,000 lives who fell victim to the earthquake.

That village is now called Canaan.  It is a brand new city.  Eclectic at best.  Poor, Wealthy.  Villagers and City folks.   One common thread, they were displaced because of the earthquake.

Today, through the CPR-3 Village and Church 2 Church partnership, the PRESENCE of Jesus is in Canaan, Haiti!  Pickerington Grace Church, Ohio is coming along side of Pastor Samedy.   Many lives have been given to Jesus.  Baptisms are regular.   Families are securing jobs in the marketplace and in the agricultural community.

The INVESTMENT from God’s people to the Country of Haiti IS making a difference.   Thanks for being a part of the CPR-3 Movement to play a role in the countries development physically and spiritually.

CPR-3 is grateful.   Haiti is grateful.  God is SMILING!   He knows….Haiti is different because of you and because when you are there, HE is there!