CPR-3 would like to ask all to pray RIGHT NOW for the needs of people who have already been devastated by the Tornadoes ravaging through Oklahoma.

From CNN:

  • “The motion on this storm is sickening,” says a storm chaser
  • The tornado is estimated to be at least two miles wide
  • 2 people are confirmed dead after a tornado tears through Shawnee, Oklahoma
  • “500,000 square miles under the gun for severe weather,” a meteorologist says

Shawnee, Oklahoma (CNN)[Breaking news update at 4:58 p.m. Monday]

Areas of metropolitan Oklahoma City appeared to be in shreds Monday afternoon after a massive tornado moved through the region. “The houses are destroyed. … Completely leveled,” a helicopter pilot for CNN affiliate KFOR said. A school was apparently among the structures leveled by the twister.

Tornado tears through southern suburbs of Oklahoma City

A tornado struck just south of Oklahoma City on Monday afternoon, ripping apart homes and other buildings in populated areas.

The National Weather Service issued a rare tornado emergency for the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, meaning that significant and widespread damage and fatalities were likely.

Video from CNN affiliates showed a funnel cloud stretching from the sky to the ground, kicking up debris.

The tornado was estimated to be at least two miles wide at one point as it moved through Moore, Oklahoma, in the southern part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, CNN affiliate KFOR reported.

From the RED CROSS:   SHAWNEE, Oklahoma –

The Red Cross has teamed up with the Salvation Army and Southern Baptist group to make sure tornado victims and emergency workers are being fed as they sift through the destruction left by Sunday’s tornadoes.

The Red Cross has set up a fixed feeding site at the Shawnee Expo Center at Highway 177 and Leo Street. Volunteers will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

CPR-3 promises to keep its eye on the storms and partner with the best organizations making an impact on the people most effected by this Crisis.

You can make donations on the CPR-3 webpage:  http://cpr-3.com/give/

Thanks for Praying.