What Can You DO Now?

What Can you DO in the face of a catastrophe like a Tornado in Oklahoma? PRAY! We tragically under-estimate the magnificent Power of Prayer! Only God can move mountains, but faith and prayer move God! If the wind can devastate and decimate an entire town, how much more can God restore and rebuild a people who’s attention is now turned toward Him! Let’s PRAY! #bethechurch #cpr3movement Cpr-3

What is CPR-3 Doing?

At this point we are praying too!   We have 3 Churches who are praying and considering what God is saying to them.   CPR-3 is a ‘decentralized’ movement of God.  YOU are CPR-3.  The CHURCH is mobile.  The faith-based community is 85% of any catastrophe’s work force.

Dan O’Deens, CPR-3 Executive Director is in contact with both Convoy of Hope and LifeChurch.tv.   It is too soon to deploy people into that region safely.  But not too soon to plan to GO.   If God is saying Go…then you should plan on going.

CPR-3 will be good stewards with any monetary donation that you wish to give on behalf of the people specifically in Moore, Oklahoma.

We appreciate your support. Please consider donating to this relief.


DONATE NOW AT:  www.cpr-3.com