So privileged to share in the sufferings of our Lord.   There is JOY in suffering.   There is freedom in the partaking of sacrifice and learning to live in the state of contentment, wherever God has place us.

Why is Haiti so hard?  I have come to love the people of Haiti.   These are the same people that Jesus died for.  Hope (Lespwa) is for Haiti too.   Then WHY does the slice in the proverbial HOPE PIE, seem to be such a thin sliver?   I want MORE for them.  They want more!

Can God “Breathe Life” into these dry bones.  10 million bones?   Is ‘RESPIRE LAVI” something we can believe in?  Can God do for Haiti what He has promised for Israel?  I believe in Restoration.   But restoration rarely comes without cost.  When I lived in Israel I remember a Jewish friend respond to this concept this way, ”  You say God will ‘restore’ Israel, you say that we are His CHOSEN people….You need to know that we believe God has CHOSEN us….Chosen us to SUFFER.”

A Haiti Ministry Trip is not glamorous or ‘sexy.’   It is often hard, hot and leaves your heart HEAVY!  WHY?

I will attempt to be honest and transparent yet try to tackle a very difficult question with grace and dignity.  After 3 years of serving in Haiti with an ABSOLUTE commitment to do ministry sustainably THROUGH Haitians, there are 3 Reasons WHY IT IS SO HARD to build momentum and be a part of a MOVEMENT of God in Haiti.

1.  Haiti is GENEROSITY POOR.   While the good intentions of Westerners have desired to ‘bless’ Haiti with ‘hand outs,’ the outcome has been devastating to the Country.   Haitians have ‘learned’ to leverage white/western generosity.   Their understanding of what they think they ‘need’ is usually something that hurts their development rather than help it.  We the Church and well intentioned humanitarians have been guilty of introducing Toxic Charity into this part of the world.   Charity often creates deep dependencies difficult to overcome.   The people want us to serve with Open Hands and the minute assets are shared, the response is often delivered back with a very closed and seemingly greedy and selfish fist.  The initial response from those who arrive in Haiti and do any kind of distribution will look superficially to an untrained eye as grateful, but this multiplied by 7 turns into absolute greed.

2.  Haiti is DARK SPIRITUALLY.   Although the Light of the world can and is penetrating the darkness.   The country as a whole IS still dark.   Trust is hard to overcome.   Historically there is little proof that one can be trusted because trust has been abused for decades.  Haiti’s greatest obstacle to overcome is a TRUST DEFICIT.   Partnership matters, but cannot happen apart from Trust and Transparency, yet these two values are seemingly void in their society.

3.  Haiti is OPPRESSED ECONOMICALLY.   There is little ability to provide sustainable income in the country because the people of Haiti are so poor.  Haiti IS the poorest country in the World.   Poverty is not simply the absence of things.   Although their ranking would remain number 1 with the definition of “the absence of things”, the essence of poverty is so much deeper.  It is isolation and hopelessness.  It is a belief system that defines them as ‘lesser’ than others.  Other seemingly can excel and they cannot.   Although this is not true, it is their perception and perception is their reality.   The standard of excellence MUST improve and this standard will not come at a cheap price.   I am not sure the general public is willing to pay that price.   The people of Haiti naturally resort to ‘insanity…doing the same things they have always done, the same way in which they have always done them, expecting different results.’

These are obstacles that can and NEED to be overcome.   We wrestle NOT against flesh and blood.  This is a SPIRITUAL War.

Will YOU PRAY with me for the people of Haiti?   Will you INVEST with me in this Country RIPE unto Harvest?    There is HOPE for HAITI.   YOU are the Hope….for you are the LIGHT of the WORLD.   Don’t Hide your light under a basket.  Let your light so shine before men.   The only way darkness is exposed is when the LIGHT is brought into the darkness.   Your PRESENCE matters!

CPR-3…HAITI….Needs YOU.   It needs JESUS.  Jesus is Haiti’s HOPE!