Haiti is a hard place to live because it is full of people who have needs. One of the biggest needs just like anywhere else is to reach people for the gospel of Christ.

Recently, we walked down to the local prison to share the gospel with the inmates. Mind you, an average Haitian home would be equivalent to what we (westerners) would call a prison, therefore turning this prison into something utterly humiliating. We walked in to talk to a group of 12 or so men in the same 8 foot by 5 foot cell.

All of them were listening intently to this message that they’ve heard many times before about Jesus of Nazareth, but with the utmost reverence. The second we start praying, all 12 men fall on their knees and raised their hands in reverence. Three of them gave their lives to the Lord.

We walked out awed and amazed at how the Lord moved, but the really awesome thing actually happened the next day. It was Sunday and we were at a Sunday morning church service and one of these men came walking up to us informing us he was released that morning and the first thing he went looking for was a body of Christ to connect with to begin this new journey he had committed to.

We are grateful for this new life that has been changed because of a message he heard about a God who loves the least of these.

This has truly been a transformation story and we are grateful to continue to see God using CPR-3 in Haiti and our work, allowing us to witness stories like these.


Jordan and Amanda Damon work and live in Haiti as CPR-3’s Haiti Team Directors. Learn more about them on our CPR-3 team page.