Grace College produces an alumni magazine called 28&9 and in the summer issue of this magazine they did a feature story on our Founder and Executive Director Dan O’Deens.  To see and read the article, please visit:

This article teamed with my availability to be around Dan over the last 22 years as taught me so much about courage, leadership and obedience.  Leaders lead, that is what they do.  Leaders act and move quickly when the need arises.  Leaders are willing to “go alone” until others see the need to follow.  Leaders are dealers in hope.

Dan exemplifies these characteristics. Those of us who spend time with him on a daily basis see and know this.  Those in Haiti whose lives have been changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ thank God for Dan.  People whose lives have been tragically altered by disaster have nothing but words of thanks and praise for his leadership.

What makes Dan or any leader effective?  I think the answer is in knowing and owning the calling that God has on your life.  Have you taken the time lately to stop and reflect on your life?  Have you paused long enough to look at your situation in life, your schedule, your checkbook to see if it aligns with what you feel God is calling you to do and more importantly be.  What keeps you from going whole-heartedly after the calling that God has on your life?  Are you being called into the unknown, the scary, the uncertain?  You know God is calling you into chaos, just like he was Dan, will you move or will you sit still?

The journey ahead my be scary, but remember who is calling you… He can be trusted.