Today I got to talk about Jesus and grace with a 27 year old woman I met for the first time. I am advocating for her child in our county’s court system as a CASA. It is really not allowed for CASAs to proselytize to families in the court system, but this is the actual reason I volunteered to be a CASA.

I definitely didn’t need another commitment and my time could be spent elsewhere, but because I work for a christian organization (Momentum) and most of my activities involve believers, I seek out ways to connect with people that do not know the Lord.

I definitely care about the children I advocate for and know that their safety is of upmost importance, but volunteering and lending my time to something without the end goal of a life lived on mission to share the Gospel is fruitless.

It is the same with the time I commit to working for CPR-3. Would it be worth my time to create websites, send emails, and design artwork just for people to be provided with food and nutrition among other things? Well, yes. BUT, more importantly, what I do for CPR-3 lends to the Gospel being proclaimed nationally and in Haiti and that is the greater goal!

Often we volunteer because we believe it to be our Christian duty to the Christian community. It’s great to see the discipline and need in helping where we are gifted, but wouldn’t it be greater to see the cross and have the desire to serve wherever we can for the end goal of the Gospel reaching those that otherwise wouldn’t know His grace?

Where is your heart at? Do you serve because you know you should? Or do you serve because you’ve experienced grace and your greatest desire is to do whatever you can to help others experience it too?