reset_button2You have heard the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and though I understand the idea behind the words, I disagree.  If you wait till something is “broke” before you try and “fix it”, its too late.

CPR-3 is a movement, a faith-based movement that seeks to follow the Holy Spirit’s promptings in awakening, connecting, and unleashing God’s people to breathe life and hope into the world.  A movement has many characteristics, but moving is definitively one of them.  Movements must be nimble and ready to adjust while staying true to their ethos, values, and mission.

In 2014 CPR-3 is hitting a “reset button.” Building off the foundation we have laid over the past three years, what we have learned in our efforts in Haiti, we are making adjustments and accelerating what we feel God has for us to do in Haiti.  We believe more than ever in the concepts we have laid out below:

The undeniable and visible essence that defines CPR-3 is that we:

·      Are a Movement (and not a mission) partnering with others to achieve the vision

·      Are a Vehicle that allows our partners to be the driver

·      Maintain a Coaching position with our partners and with CPR-3 Haiti

·      Are committed to balancing sustainable systems while understanding a developing country construct of Now, Next, and Sustainable, with a realization that we are blessed to bless others

·      Point people to Jesus while setting up the local church to thrive and win

·      Are Present yet potentially/possibly invisible

·      Remain Teachable while leading the way in Haiti

CPR-3 is guided by these values:

·      We believe in a Strengths based approach to community development

·      We wish to be Culturally Accurate and sensitive while being Theologically Motivated

·      We will focus our influence and resources on Neighborhoods and Now generation leaders

·      We are committed to the ultimate goal of Sustainable projects

·      We stress Haitian Leadership and Ownership in all projects

·      We desire to see the Haitian Church thrive and Christ exalted as we reach out to the lost and the overlooked

·      We will seek to meet Physical felt needs for the purpose of seeing Spiritual health and vitality

CPR-3’s paradigm for community development in a Haitian Culture:

(We place a strong emphasis on Research and Development along with Vision and Implementation)

·      Observation and Interviewing (we first listen to community leadership)

·      Asset Based Approach with Community Ownership

·      Leadership Development (local/national leadership is imperative for sustainable movement

·      Dreaming and Implementation (creating environments that reward Haitian ownership)

·      Evaluating/Processing then Refining/Re-Adjusting (most ideas are good, not all ideas work)

I cannot wait to see what God has in store for Haiti and CPR-3 in 2014.  Will you pray with us that God will continue to show us the path that He has for this movement and that we would be obedient and have the courage to follow?