Every organization (and person for that matter) are guided and fueled by a set of values.  Some are conscious, but many are not.  Each decision we make, when traced back far enough and analyzed carefully enough “make sense” based on the set of values that we live by. This does not mean that every decision that someone, or an organization makes is a good one, but it does mean that they are in alignment with their declared or undeclared values.

We at CPR-3 believe in values-driven leadership.  We have carefully articulated 7 values that are at the DNA of our movement.  We will explore these values in a series of blog posts.  Here is value number one:

We believe in a strengths based approach to community development.

Nonprofit organizations doing work anywhere, but especially in developing countries can have a tendency to display their hubris by coming up with a plan in the office and trying to implement it on the “field” without first seeking to see what assets are already present in the community.

We at CPR-3 seek to be a “strengths-based organization” in everything we do.  Not that we ignore our weakness, but excellence is found in utilizing your strengths to help off-set your weaknesses.  The same should be said of community development.  What does the community need? What strengths already exist in the community that can address those needs?  Strength does not necessarily mean excellence, but it does mean that within the community lays a strength that can be leveraged to make a difference.  Strengths can be natural resources, organizations, leadership, passions or any combination of these.  It takes time to explore strengths; it takes even more time to “test” those strengths to legitimize your first thoughts.  Do not be afraid to take the time needed to mine for strengths that exist, they are there, but you may have to dig.

At CPR-3 we are seeking to explore, expose, cultivate and leverage the strengths that exist within a community. What strengths exist within your community?  How can you highlight them, encourage them, empower them to develop your community?

Please pray for us that God would give us the eyes to see and the heart to act in the communities where we are planted.