Top 10 Reasons Why Grace Church Partners

By Joe Caruso
#10 – Passion. There’s shared passion for the overlooked. Sharing the compassion of Jesus in tangible and eternal ways is at the top of the list.

#9 – Togetherness. We can dream together. Ideas are not just CPR-3’s or Grace’s – they’re ours. We can talk and figure out anything with good teamwork.

#8 – Partnership. Really 9b, there’s true partnership. We need each other. The focus and energy of each is needed by the other. It’s not a one-way street, but true ebb and flow of leadership and direction.
#7 – Access. CPR-3 gets into places the local church can’t – it has generated contacts and methods of being on the front lines that the church can use to mobilize its people effectively.
#6 –  Impact. There’s a desire to make a real difference, not just to do “good.”
#5 – Focus. There is a shared priority of church-based ministry regardless of the efforts. When the local church is doing what it should, there’s no stopping what could happen.
#4 – Resources. We share what we have to help the other. Whether it’s engaging project leaders or giving training experiences to up and coming young adults, we can share our resources for the greater Kingdom purposes.
#3 – Excellence. In safety precautions to systems, from ministry to methodology, excellence is the goal.
#2 – Flexibility. Rarely do things go as planned in any missions effort – CPR-3 is ready to roll with the punches.
#1 – Vision. CPR-3 has great aspirations and goals for the future, and God is using them in great ways towards them!
Joe Caruso is the Pastor of Mobilization at Grace Church in Akron, OH