In this 7 part blog series we are examining the values CPR-3 uses in decision-making. We have already addressed the first 2 values of our movement.

“We believe in a Strengths based approach to community development”

“We wish to be culturally accurate and sensitive while being theologically motivated.”

This brings us to the heart of CPR-3 and the soul of its Founder and Executive Director Dan O’Deens.  You can’t spend more than 10 minutes with Dan and not hear something about how his heart beats for the lost and now generation leaders.  I have made the mistake of calling them “next generation leaders” more than once and my pay has now been properly adjusted lower for those mistakes.

We in the CPR-3 movement believe in the “now generation,” we think that the young are ready to lead and lead now.

“We focus on neighborhoods and now generations leaders.”  This value communicates our intentionality in reaching not just people, not just families, but whole neighborhoods for Christ.  Using a strengths based approach and wishing to be culturally sensitive (the first two values), we go in and look at each neighborhood or community to see their uniqueness and strengths, both in local assets and in its people.  Each neighborhood is different, having different needs, issues, and strengths. We wish to find now generation leaders within each neighborhood, village, and community and find ways to support and challenge them to make a difference for the name of Christ in their given context.  Haiti can and will be changed by the name of Christ and can experience a “rebirth” both spiritually and physically as its young step up and lead.

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