The difference is a servant heart.

Imagine if we could grab onto this difference not just for trips or the church environment, but for life? That’s what Jesus is asking for. He’s not asking for your schedule or your tasks, he’s asking for your heart. He’s offering to walk beside you and transform your heart, which will flow over and shine in your schedule, tasks, relationships.

Just this week, I saw hands jump to be raised to own dish duty, making lunch, and carrying luggage and heavy Culligans of water to the site. I’m pretty sure no one would argue against seeing this in their home.

Strangers embraced in hugs, children with never ending energy picked up and played with, no hesitation and no going off to avoid them after hours in the heat, dust, and crowds of friends jumping with no warning.
People weren’t turned away just because they didn’t fit the schedule. This includes the people that came outside of clinic hours, the girls that knocked on our gate uninvited, and the friends of Pastor Samedy’s children who scraped their knees. Days that the team wanted to go out in the community, people kept showing up. They were seen.
James was seen by Matt, a dentist who rocked it all week. It wasn’t just the time sacrificed, but the attitude. With James as well as everyone else, a sensitive and compassionate heart was communicated despite the language barrier. Matt worked hard to create a comfortable environment, reassuring patients and recognizing each individual’s dignity and worth. You could turn to his corner in the clinic to be met by his big smile & caring eyes – or concentrated face giving the best services he could – any time of the day.

Not just Matt, but every team member exuded love, a servant heart, and dedication to each patient seen. The skills of each member were used in the way that this community needs the most, and the WAY that it was carried out exuded the attitude of servant hearts.

. A key difference to a servant’s humility is a spirit eager to learn, ask questions, listen, soak up information. After this, the knowledge is used to talk about how to best serve. The only way we will ever effectively serve others is being learning about them, teaching ourselves, understanding them first.
Prayer. Every day, every clinic, every person was covered in prayer. A servant recognizes where real success lies, where the real control is. Trusting God & giving the week to Him was a clear difference in the week, one that created good things. After all, each prayer was heard by the One who is Good.

I honestly believe that the same difference that can define a trip, can define your life. Your impact on your family and friends and workplace, your impact on the world. Don’t underestimate this. I know that I can too often, and I miss out when I do.