If you have been following this blog series (now in its 5th installment) I think you could have guessed this next point.  I think you would agree that it “fits” within the framework that we have started:leadership

And now:

  • We stress Haitian Leadership and Ownership in all projects.

Though “sustainability” in Haiti may be a long -distance dream for now, we believe that all we do in Haiti needs to be done through Haitian leadership with full ownership and responsibility in their hands.  This does not mean that we are not there, side by side working with Haitian leadership, because we are.  We are leading, guiding, equipping, vision-casting, challenging, and supporting.  But ownership resides with Haitians and we would not want it any other way.

As I type, there is the biggest smile on my face. This is the reason why I joined the CPR-3 movement.  The idea of Haitian ownership and leadership in all projects.  This guiding principle is close to my heart.  I believe it to be the only way to see Haiti move forward in a positive direction that can bring about lasting change.  It is all about Jesus and setting up the local church to win.  The key word is “local.”  Jesus was in Haiti long before CPR-3 arrived and his plan has been centered on His church since the book of Acts.  It’s so fun to see His plan in action.