CPR-3 works in a church partnership model, connecting North American Churches to churches and church plants in Haiti.

Pastor Mark Artrip

Our church vision is to be “a movement of people finding their way back to God”. The first step in this is obviously a person’s one-time decision to trust Jesus, but as a Movement Churchchurch we also want to see continual growth in our people daily surrendering more of their life and will to God.  We believe that as Jesus changes us, we will want to change and impact the world like he is doing in our lives.

The gospel must be lived out and as a church this translates to many things, one of which is missions/outreach and the way we use the money God has given us. As a church we invest money locally in ministry, church planting, and community projects but we also believe God has called us to impact the world outside of the United States.

As a church, we are in a church partnership with CPR-3.  We chose this option for many reasons so I thought I would outline a few below…

The term partnership by definition means that we can speak into the process. We trust the staff of CPR-3, but we also appreciate that our input is valued and used.

1)  This partnership is affordable. We wanted to avoid being mildly invested in too many places; instead we wanted to focus all of our resources and energy into one place where we could maximize our impact. As a church plant we do not have a huge budget toward international ministry, but our partnership has a low cost and many options for funds above and beyond as we grow.

partnering2)  It was important for us to do ministry somewhere that we could know our partners and travel regularly.  Not only is Haiti close and affordable, but also our trip costs are locked into a price as a partner and the only variable is the cost of plane tickets.

3)  The need is great.  It is nice that it is close and cheaper than traveling to many countries, but more importantly the need is significant. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and you don’t have to look far to have your calling affirmed.

4)  We believe the local church is God’s plan to redeem the world. Our church is new so we believe in church planting and love that our partnership is centered on planting a local church.

5)  They have a proven track record. CPR-3 hasn’t been around for that long, but they do have a reputation of results. We believe that God has honored their passion and love for breathing life and the gospel into Haiti in tremendous ways.  It’s comforting to know that our church can depend on them as a partner for the gospel.

Mark Artrip is the Lead Pastor of Movement Church in Hilliard, Ohio