Every month teams from North America come to Haiti for an experience with a Haitian church that they partner with. (Although not all Movement Trips are within our partnership model.) The people on teams get to encourage believers in Haitian churches, help minister in needed ways, teach on needed topics, and be connected as the global church. It’s an extremely beneficial time for our partnered churches on the ground in Haiti.

It’s also an extremely beneficial time for our partnered churches from North America. During the week they have a great experience, however, we would hope that the greatest benefit would be seen once they get home. It’s all too easy to see “missions” as something that happens oversees or in cross-cultural contexts. However, living missionally starts with where God has placed you.

We’d ask that people who journey with us on a Movement Trip take this experience and let it humble and excite them to explore even further how they can be seeking out their neighbors, co-workers, and community with the Gospel. One such way I’d love to explore is the area of adoption. As believers, we’re called to consider adoption. At least consider the opportunity to care for a child. Maybe that’s not where God will use you, but in light of the cross and our adoption into the family of God, what truer picture of this is there than considering adopting? I applaud people who adopt cross-culturally. I think that’s great if cross-culturally the Lord has called you to graft somebody into your family.


Mark Artrip, pastor of a CPR-3 partnering church, and his family adopted their daughter, Mercy locally in Ohio last year.

However, I’d also point out that hundreds, if not more, children are waiting to be a part of a family within your own country and state. You can see what children are looking for families in the United States at sites like http://adoptuskids.org/. I’m very blessed to have parents who have provided stable love, constant care, appropriate discipline, and foundational truth while growing up and I contribute much of who I am now to their parenting. Because of this, it breaks my heart to think about children who don’t have the same.

From a missional standpoint, who better to have that much influence on a child’s life whether in foster care or in adoption than a follower of Jesus? As the Bible clearly calls us to care for the orphan and widow, do you see the church rising up in adoption? Have you opened your heart to consider grafting a child into your family?

If you’ve journeyed with us on a Movement Trip in Haiti and have fallen in love with the beautiful faces of children running around, looking for your attention, has the experience opened your eyes to the attention needed to care for the orphans in your own community?

We’d love to hear what you think about the church’s responsibility in foster care and adoption. Should all Christians consider adoption? Leave us a comment on Facebook!

Erin Cooper is the CPR-3 Communications Director and also the Assistant Coordinator for Momentum Youth Conference.