Compassion Without Compromise

At the core of humanity is compassion.  If we are going to be like our Creator then we must serve from a heart of compassion.  I am excited to be a part of a faith basedCompassion Without Compromise movement who holds to a biblical standard.  The organization you choose should love all people and serve all people regardless of race, socioeconomics and religion. A Christian ‘faith-based’ organization should stand committed to truth, compassion, loving people – all people, and serving people – all people.  A Christian not-for-profit should stand unified to carry out the mission of Jesus which is to show compassion to ‘all’ people who are in need. A Christian not-for-profit should never compromise the absolute authority from which we get our marching orders, the Bible.

The Christian humanitarian should never lash out against organizations that are doing good.  These organizations may not line up with where you stand, but they are in fact doing good and caring for people. Each person, church or business should understand something about the organizations they ‘choose’ that will become the conduit of their humanitarian aid, that is your responsibility and privilege.

Choose an organization who models compassion without compromise.

Dan O’Deens is the Executive Director and Founder of CPR-3. Follow him at