Christo-Centric or Organization-Centric

There is a struggle for everyone’s dollars. Economics play too heavily in the decision making of ‘not-for-profits.’ We must do the right thing, not the popular thing. We must do the moral thing, not the financially advantageous thing. We all understand the idea behind ‘political suicide.’ If you take a public stand on certain issues, it may be grand, it may elevate your reputation within Christian circles but there is a strong chance that you will most likely not win the popular vote.

The same is true as it relates to a Christian “not-for-profit.” There are not-for-profits that are not faith-based. There are not-for-profits that are faith-based and not Christian OrganizationChristian and there are Christian faith-based organizations. The organization should state without compromise where they stand.  CPR-3 is a Christian faith-based organization.

If you are Christian then you, by definition, follow Christ. His Word, as we know it, is called the Bible. God’s Word is our moral compass. In the pages of our manual are procedures from which we must operate.  There is a moral code and within that code is an application. If the law is clear, meaning it is ‘black and white,’ then we adhere to it. If the law seems open to interpretation then we apply grace. We never condemn. We always love others. We never tear others down.

Christian organizations should stay true to their mission. The mission of Jesus is the Church. The Church should be set up to ‘win’ so long as it is pointing people to Christ. It is not about us. It is about the One in whom we choose to follow. The glory belongs to Jesus. The name of the organization, the name of the Church and the name of the donor should not be highlighted. The name of Jesus is the only name that should be famous.

God is no respecter of persons. He hung with sinners. He loved the poor. He reached out and touched the leper. When asked, of all the commandments, which one is greatest?, Jesus himself responded to the question that loving God is the first and greatest commandment, but He also emphasized that a second commandment is like it, to love your neighbor. Love God and love your neighbor! In modern day language we would say, love God and love people.

Choose an organization that sets up the Church to win and that points people to the love of Jesus.

Dan O’Deens is the Executive Director and Founder of CPR-3. Follow him at