The study and practice of leadership has been fascinating to me from a young age.  Growing up in a “pastor’s home” and having opportunities to lead (or at least having the title of “leader”, the two are not synonymous) at a young age created a desire in me to learn as much as I can about the subject and art of leadership.

Leadership is that. . . an art.  If it were a science, a formula would be created, and if followed precisely would produce the same result.  We call this “management”.  But leadership is not a “science” it’s an “art”.

Years ago a friend of mine chastised me for my passion to study leadership. “I mean, its not like leadership is rocket science or anything like that!”  To which I replied, “If only it was that easy.”

I recently came across the talk below by Simon Sinek… I found this twelve minute talk “spot on” (outside his comments about the age of the earth) and think that leaders should watch this, find some trusted friends, and have a conversation.  May this talk inspire you like it did me.

Click on the link below:

Simon Sinek Leadership Talk