The Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches as an annual Adult Conference, and this year it will be held in D.C.  CPR-3 will be well represented at this conference.

The conference is from July 17-21st and has the theme of “FellowShift”.  We would love your prayers as we head into this important conference.

Dan will be a featured speaker during the Morning Celebration Service at 9:30am on Saturday

Dan is doing a workshop on Friday at 11:15am

Disaster eMERGEncy Services – Engaging the Church during a Catastrophe

The church can and should play a vital role as we help those whose world has been turned upside down overnight due to a catastrophe. Come and learn about the key aspects of disaster services. Explore the possibilities of ‘the local church’ being at the forefront of a major local or national crisis. Engage in a ‘partnership’ discussion on how your church can be a part of a ‘team’ on the ground during a catastrophe. Let’s MERGE our efforts with organizations already serving in this space. Dan is an experienced National Catastrophe leader having served at 9-11, Katrina, Sandy and Haiti’s Earthquake.

Scott is doing a workshop on Saturday at 11:15am

Injustice: Awakening the NOW Generation

Injustice, the very word ignites movement in the heart of Millennials, the NOW Generation. How can the church leverage and mobilize this radical generation to “breathe life and hope” into the world though “stopping wrongs” while proclaiming the Gospel? In this seminar we will explore together how to unleash this generation to do what God has placed in their souls to do… make a difference.

Saturday Evening CPR-3 is sponsoring “Light up DC: A Night to Remember” on the Mall.