Recently, Lavi Partners announced their one for one partnership with CPR-3 through Moringa caplets to support the cause of eradicating malnutrition in Haiti. MoringaLavi Partners is a “miracle tree” that naturally grows in Haiti. With its nutritional values, it hosts the possibility for eradicating malnutrition. In North America, Moringa has started to be taken as a supplement for fitness and general health benefits.As a consumer, people who by Moringa powder from Lavi Partners can be assured of it’s authenticity and contribution back to local Haitians. Moringa processed from Lavi Partners offers:
  • 100% Moringa Oleifera Dried Leaf Powder.
  • Grown in Haiti. Packaged and Shipped in USA.
  • Provides Jobs To Haitians.
  • Each bottle sold, the equivalent in powder is provided to Haitians.
  • Eradicate malnutrition, save lives in Haiti.

For every bottle of caplets sold, Lavi Partners gives an equal amount of powder to Haitians. This powder offers nutritional values that are unmatched in the local Haitian farming economy. The benefits of it are astronomical and now you have the power to give Moringa to those in need. We are so thankful for Lavi Partners’ partnership to see malnutrition eradicated. Will you join us for your health and the health of Haiti?

You can buy Moringa online from Lavi Partners here.  Additionally, if you’ve linked your amazon account to CPR-3 with Amazon Smile, CPR-3 receives money from Amazon when you buy. Thank you for giving towards eradicating malnutrition!