It seems like every organization has a child sponsorship program. Some use it for good and unfortunately some use it for gain. These are the children that God loves.  The sacrifice of the donor and the investment of the same should go to support the child’s deepest needs.

CPR-3 has labored through the task of organizing its child sponsorship program. We are extremely excited to report that ALL of the children in this year’s profile list received sponsor families. Thank you to each family or individual that is faithfully supporting a child.

CPR-3 is also VERY excited to let you know that this program is being done through the Haitian Churches. Each child in our churches will be assisted by their pastor and church as they are registered in the school of their parents choice.  Each of those children will not only receive an education in the Haitian school system, but they will receive a “christian education” in our Churches “aftercare” programs.

Thanks to the generosity of Samaritan’s purse each child will receive their own Bible and 4 color page story book, all of course translated into Creole. They will be a part sampurseof CPR-3’s Triple H curriculum as well.  (Health and Hope for Haiti).   We will train them in “how to have a relationship with Jesus” in “the value of clean water and sanitation” and in “the value of nutrition” by providing them Moringa and teaching them how to plant the trees at their own home and how to process it, so they have nutrition for life.

CPR-3, through its GaveWaterDidGood campaign and our Child Sponsorship program is able to provide clean water to all of its children.

Each one of our children now are enrolled in school, have a uniform for school, a backpack for their school books, clean water, nutrition, God’s Word and will receive at least one visit from the professional medical community.

Through the partnership of Feed My Starving Children and Mission of Hope and through a one time ‘grant’ CPR-3 will also be able to feed a meal to each of our children every day throughout the entire school year.  We are blessed.

The real HEART behind our Child Sponsorship program is to see a ‘changed life.’  As you read this letter, we can assure you that each of our children is cared for physically and spiritually.  Thank you for your trust and investment into God’s children in Haiti. They NEED you!