As Americans, we are number focused, results focused, efficiency focused. We want reports that show progress & we want the facts that can be equated to show that things are moving.

I understand the reason for this, for accountability & reporting what is happening where money is invested…also, it simply happens to be how we think – but I also see that we can miss the point sometimes in numbers, results, and efficiency.

Today, I received an e-mail from Pastor Samedy (pastor in Canaan, partner with Grace Pickerington, and friend who always let me know he is “happy to have a message” from me) and I want us to pause & take a breath.

In a short and simple message, he conveyed friendliness and joy as he let me know that “the church is going well, [they] had a new conversion this week”.

Friends, too often we overlook this or do the Christian “nod” to acknowledge this is good news in our circle, a new believer.

But in heaven, they’re dancing around and singing as they joyously party in celebration over this new family member. I’m not sure exactly what it looks like, but I’m convinced it goes far past “one more member” up there – the place that my heart often forgets it should set it’s sights on.

So let’s stop and celebrate this!