“Let love be your highest goal!”, proclaims Paul in 1 Corinthians after chapter 13, which clearly outlines that speaking, doing, or any other charity is nothing more than frustratingly noisy cymbals without love. The best movement in all of Haiti, all of the world even, would be nothing without love according to the words of one of the first missionaries we look to.

And as I read this, in a place so drenched with charity that I have heard it said that Haiti has the most NGOs per capita of any country, I thought about the real difference made if we were to be doers and not just hearers of the word based on First Corinthians.

Love should be the highest goal. If we act before love, it is useless. If motivation is not love, what are we building?

In truly loving and starting there –

We would go to hard places

We would take the time

We would set aside what we want to do now for the sake of later

We would get uncomfortable

We would listen

We would learn new things, pursue best practices – despite the extra effort this takes

Is it the easy way? Never, a narrow road is naturally harder to navigate. Is it the better way? The best. Let’s make sure to let love be our highest goal in our partnerships, in every interaction, and in taking it back home.

Join CPR-3 in our 11:11 Prayer Initiative & pray 1 Corinthians 13 to be the fuel of our movement