Patience, Endurance, Waiting, Perseverance – these are words you see all over the Bible, spoken of when we talk about righteousness, God’s plan for us, and what heroes of faith were able to do. As we get deeper in partnerships on the ground, have learned more of who we are as CPR-3, and head into 2015 – our team on the ground is looking forward to this season as we expect it to be defined with words as we learn the soil and go deeper in relationships.

Let’s fight the Western temptation to plan another program and instead sit for hours of conversation with a family. Let’s pause another thing to do with the church and instead learn more about the church itself. Let’s discipline our impulse in the sight of physical poverty to first take the time to hold a hand and walk to a new friend’s home and hear their story before wanting to hand out candy and toys. We are excited to walk alongside you, as you walk alongside your partners this year with patience, endurance, waiting, and perseverance. Please #pray for these things at 11:11 with us!