By: Terry McDonald – Haiti Trip Teams Leader – Grace Community Church – Mississauga Canada
We had many great things happen while our Canadian Team was just there, but one story I would like to share myself that happened to me on our last full day in Labourdie. haiti
I was praying that morning as the sun came up over the hills , as I watched from up top of the Team rooms.  I was praying that God would lead me in getting a chance to share the “good news” to many people that day, as it was really burning in my heart.  When our Team walked into the village that morning, we had our 2 translators with us ( who by the way – Angelo and Rafeal are amazing , great job CPR-3 team in choosing them for us ) . When we all entered Labourdie on that Tuesday morning, most of the children were in school and many parents were off working, but there were still many others still around.   Our Team all split up to visit the homes of the people and I went off by myself just with Rafeal to help me translate.
I asked 4 boys -all around 12 years of age who came running up to me that morning.  I asked , who might have a parent at home who I would love to go and meet.  The first 3 boys said they had no one at home.  The last boy said that his mom was home and I asked him if we could go see her and he led us to her.   While we were walking to her house , a crowd kept building around me and by the time we got to her house, there was a good size crowd.   I asked Rafeal to translate for me and I asked them all if it would be okay if I could tell them a story of why we were here.
There was a big pile of rocks near by and they got me a chair and put it in the shade just inches from the rocks and we all gathered close and they all sat on this large pile of rock and I shared the Good News of Jesus with them all and how much we loved them and how much God loved them and that if we are in Christ, that one day as our goal, we would all be in heaven together as one family and all speaking the same language.  There were 27 in all listening to me that morning and I was in awe on how God had allowed me to do “church” on this pile of rocks and how amazing it felt.  I asked them many questions of their faith and they openly asked me questions too.  It was truly a very special time.  I got them all to pray with me , many said they were believers, but prayed with them anyway just to make sure and also to encourage their personal walk with the Lord.
There were many many other stories from this trip, but just felt a need to share this in encouragement on how God is continuing reaching the people of Haiti through CPR-3 and I see and feel the movement growing every time I come.  May God continue to bless you and keep you as you do His work in a land that He loves.