Scripture is clear: it’s by fruit that you’ll know His followers.

After Freguel accepted Christ last June (an answer to prayer as we prayed for our new brother!), we wondered what was next for this trusted driver and friend of ours.Freguel

Freguel isn’t traditional “Haitian church material.” His longer hair and on point clothing choices (some describe it as his ‘swag’ – you can Google it if you want) make him automatically an outsider at the typical Haitian church.

But we love the way that Pastor Chelo challenges culture and invites his neighbor (literally, you can see Chelo’s house from Freguel’s front door) in with his family.

This week had some rough moments. An accident took me to the hospital where it was revealed I had one broken and one sprained ankle, and then we had neighbors frustrated we don’t give them more things – they acted out against our sign as a result.

In my fatigue, Freguel sat beside me as he helped take care of it all. He’s calm and doesn’t talk if he doesn’t need to. But he had two statements that I can’t get out of my heart.

On the way back from the hospital: “God was protecting you! No glass cut you, and if you were bleeding it would have been so much worse.”

This made me do a double take! I’m usually the one to say those lines! But here he was, saying it on his own when we weren’t even on the subject.

And as we passed the neighbors, when I made a comment wondering if we should give them work (with our car tires):
“We’ll give them work. We’ll give them work so they can see Jesus and He can work in softening their hearts.”

Another double take moment. And then some praise! Cause Lord, this is fruit. And it’s not at all from our work, it’s God working. We are thankful.