Doing life in Haiti. It is that. It really is “doing life.” It’s being around people, getting to know them, learning stories and spending time. It’s so much more than is shown on social media,2 and spiritual oppression that isn’t “cool” to talk about, it is stressful and scary but also beautiful and breathtaking. It’s teams back to back and learning new stories every week. It is late nights, long talks and tired days. It’s a new language and new currency, it’s tap taps instead of busses and mottos instead of taxis. It is a new house, a new room, it’s new people, new house mates, it’s spiders and geckos, it’s patties and frozen sodas, it is big laughs and even bigger smiles, it is making new friends and market days, it’s the water truck song and zooming cars, it’s pay as you go phones and the word “photo” every time you pull it out, it is amazing, it is sad days away from family, wishing they could understand. But, it’s also Bible study days with friends, it’s filled to the brim with the spirit, it’s putting everything in His hands and knowing He will take care of it better than you ever could and it is completely by His grace that I am able to be here for a while.

So I am “doing life” in Haiti, and I am loving every minute of it.


Samantha lives and serves in Haiti as a part of the CompassionCorp program. Find out more about CompassionCorp.