Simon was a story you heard last June when he accepted Christ after months of relationship building and attempts to help his daughter Naïka with her medical needs. With a big grin and14213665448_0c65393539_m warm hugs as soon as you see him, he has been a quick friend that we love getting to visit with.

We updated you when Naïka passed this winter and asked you to pray, and this is another ask for prayer.

There is no urgent need, but instead an ongoing responsibility to live and come around the Octama family. We are called to preach the Word and also encourage believers – when people are saved, keep doing life together!

Simon’s family continues to come to the church in Bercy led by Pastor Chelo. It’s not easy to go from vodou priest to accepted brother, and we pray for this! After church his sweet, loving self will walk over with that giant smile to say hello.

We pray for peers – which Simon himself asked for in prayer and voiced a need for. We love this family and we love Simon. We want him to flourish within the Haitian body of Christ.

We pray for those in the family still practicing vodou.

We pray for the deep financial struggles of Simon as he is trying to support his large family with a substantial gap in his income.

We pray for faith that grows deeper and the ability to hear God’s word for an illiterate man who can’t read his Bible himself.

We pray for his wife Marie and the children that are both Simon’s and the grandchildren Simon has taken in.

We pray for physical health in a family that is constantly sick.

This man loves his children, works hard in his garden all day, and sends coconuts over to give us a cool drink. His wife is strong and loves her daughter fiercely as she continues to mourn Naïka. This family lives in the back of Bercy, and God has intertwined our stories. We are so excited to see God continue to breathe life.