This summer we are so excited to welcome 8 CITs to Bercy on June 8th! A part of the Compassion Corp program, Compassion Intensive Training (CIT) is the opportunity to come for Fregueleither 4 or 6 weeks in the summer to both participate with Experience Teams who are partnered with churches as well as have deeper time in the culture.
CIT is an opportunity to grow deeper in love with Jesus, wider in cross cultural experiences that transform worldview, and more developed in leadership and servant hood skills. There are cultural assignments and projects as well as the unique opportunity to go deeper in relationship and use the opportunity to share testimonies and breathe life into those relationships.
Finally, this program can lead to the potential longer experience of six or twelve months as a Compassion Corp participant, preparing young adults for a life of mission whether it is local or international.
Please be praying for Hannah Reyes, Emily Ball, Heidi Gatliff, Bailee Mann, Hannah Johnson, Mackenzie Wash, Lexie Biegal, & Isaac Magnuson as they prepare for this summer with CPR-3!