Three letters and one word. That’s what this one answer is simply comprised of right? Saying “yes” is filled with so much more meaning besides just agreeing to another person. For example, when a guy asks a woman for her hand in marriage it means “will you submit to ONLY me? will you FOLLOW me through this life? etc.. Yes, is a powerful word when it comes to possible BIG changes in our day today life and it’s easy to say without always carrying the actions to the changes needed to be made for a healthy outcome. God asks us daily for us to SUBMIT and follow ONLY him. He asks us to take on challenges when they may seem too big. But what he is asking is will you put your total faith in me and trust I will walk you through this trial or challenge? God will never leave us in times of needing Him, He loves us too much.

My heart has always been one that loves to serve others in any kind of environment, so when I started to go on mission trips to Haiti it was normal and comfortable. I’ve also been someone to be continually challenging myself to be a better person and grow in my faith, especially when I’ve needed God’s grace in forgiveness. So, last summer when God was pulling at my heart to take a leap and dive into a short taste of a missionary’s selfless lifestyle I was all for it, but of course, a bit worried I would be biting off more than what I could chew. I applied and began to trust God and allow Him to close and open the doors while navigating the decisions for my future after high school. I prayed while my application was being looked at that I may receive this opportunity in the mission field and also if this wasn’t a fit for me that He would close this door as I continue to trust in His direction in continuing my learning of Him and serving others.

Well, the door was wide open. I was accepted and I decided to jump right in to what was needed to prepare for this trip and the other callings God was asking me in life. Not
thinking I was too young for the job either which some have suggested to me, but I firmly believed you’re never too young to say yes to the mission field if God has placed it on your heart and I’m not going to wait until I’m older.

Since, I said yes to give selflessly to serve others for 6 weeks in Haiti, I also said yes to co-leading about 20 freshmen girls for the next 3 years, I said yes to living those three years in Ohio, I said yes to the Moody Distance Learning Program at my church, I said yes to all these things God has placed on my heart. Honestly, I don’t fully know what the outcome of saying yes will have on my life or others, but what I do know is that all the good will come out for the name of our loving Savior.

As I continue saying yes to God, the eternal reaping from sowing in lives is something I am most excited about. So, don’t be afraid to say yes, God will be right there beside you, guiding and training you to do the work He’s called you to do and most importantly commands us in our walk of faith “Above all, love each other deeply..” (1 Peter 4:8).

I’m 19 years old and am graduating from Hudson High School this May and will be a freshman in college this fall at Moody Distance Learning. I chose to be a CIT this summer to love and give myself to others selflessly since our Savior so selflessly gave His life for us! Serving is what I’m most passionate about and learning to lead others on the field of loving others in a way that builds up relationships.

One Verse that I’ve found that exemplifies my choice to become a CIT this summer is 1 Peter 4:810.
“Above all, love each other deeply..Offer hospitality to one another without
grumbling. Each one should use whatever gift he has to serve others,..”


Hannah Reyes is a CIT coming to serve in Haiti for the next 6 months. Find out more information about CIT and Compassion Corp.