A recent letter from a sister in one of our partnering churches who has seen God working first hand in Haiti:

Haiti In March 2015, my husband, Justin, went on a medical mission trip with Grace Fellowship and CPR-3. This was his 6th time to Haiti. His team set up a medical clinic in Las Cahobas and were brought a beautiful baby girl who was just 3 months old at the time. Daphleissa was born with a condition called Arthrogryposis. This condition is characterized by multiple joint “stiffness.” This condition typically does not affect speech or learning capabilities and with proper care, therapy, and surgical interventions, can lead to productive, independent lives. These treatments are not available in Haiti and prognosis without treatment is also not good, especially in their environment.

While Justin was in Haiti, he was able to contact a family member who runs the organization, Childrens Medical Missions (www.cmmwest.com).  CMM brings children from Third World Countries and finds them free medical care. The children stay with Host Families. The owner, Tami Shobe, was able to get some information and assure Justin and his team that they could help her.

Not coincidentally, I had recently decided to stay at home with our children, instead of working outside of the home. We Haiti and misc 293have always had a heart for helping children and Justin and I have both fallen in love with this country. So, the praying and the searching began. We called, sent letters, sent emails, more calls and more letters, until we received a response from hospitals and doctors that were interested and willing to help this little girl.  The team from March donated money to start this process, the paperwork, the doctor appointments to get x rays, etc, etc.  CPR-3 and staff worked with pastors and translators to explain the process and to make what has happened thus far, happen! I also had the opportunity this past week to visit Haiti, myself. I was able to meet Daphleissa and her mother, Nadege, and explain that I would be taking care of her baby here in the States. She was overwhelmed with gratitude and I am beyond blessed to even be a part of this little girl and her family’s story. Nadege told me when I met her that I was now Daphleissa’s Mom. She is trusting me with her baby girl and trusting completely by faith. She is just beautiful and they completely stole my heart.

The doctors want to wait until Daphleissa is 1 year old before treatment. Her 1st birthday is January 20th. In December, I will be contacting the hospital to present to the board, her story. We must trust in God’s timing. And in all of this, nothing happened by accident.  The pieces that shouldn’t have fit together, DID.  So, I can only trust that the continuation of this story will happen the same way.  It was not just by chance that this little girl came to the clinic that day. That a team leader could speak Spanish and so could the child’s father, that we had a contact able and available to help, that we had a selfless team willing to give, that this family trusted us and that we ALL trusted in HIM.  This is a beautiful testimony of God’s grace and God’s love. Stay tuned for the best part of this story….and please pray for all involved. Thank you.

– Suzi from Grace Fellowship Church, a partner of CPR-3.